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Rhino Wine Cellars provides wine racks for residential and commercial, in a variety of designs.



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Every custom cellar that Rhino Wine Cellars designs has different options and features.  Racking measurements and styles might vary depending on the likes and dislikes of our clients and/or the size constraints of the cellar space.  Below are common racking options and features to better help you understand what Rhino Wine Cellar can provide.

Standard Racking Depths

Single Deep Racking = 13 3/8” deep
Double Deep Racking = 25 ¾” deep

Wood Species:
Knotty Alder
Premium Redwood
All Heart Redwood
Philippine Mahogany
Sapele Mahogany
Western Red Cedar

Custom Wood available upon request

Individual Bottle Racking:

1. 750ml bottle is the most common (3 ¾” to 3 5/8” spacing)
2. Champaign (4” spacing)
3. Magnum (4 ¼” spacing)
4. Other large format (3 liter, 5 liter, 6 liter, 9 liter etc) can be made but the racking needs to be double deep.
5.  Split bottles (.375ml) is also available but 95% of the 375ml bottles fit into the standard 750ml individual racking.  (3 ¼”-3 ½” spacing)
6.  Single deep will hold one 750ml bottle “fully nested”.
7.  Double deep will hold two bottles (one in front of the other) of 750ml “fully nested”.

Box/Diamond Bins:

These bins are the most common bins we offer at Rhino.  The 45 degree angle divider can be removed if desired.  This makes the bin very flexible.  With the divider in place you can split your cases with normally 8-9 bottles per section.  If you take the divider out you can store cardboard boxes or bulk stack wine bottles.

12 Bottle Bins:

Designed to hold a case of 750ml bottles

12 Bottle Bin Double Deep:

1. Store 24 bottles (12 bottles in the back and 12 bottles in the front)
2. Store wood case bins (End Way”) so the end of the case is showing

Wood Case Bins:

1. Store one standard 12 bottle wood case side ways (side of the box is showing)
2. Store two 6 bottle wood cases
3. Store odd size wood cases for large format bottles (1.5, 3, 5 liter etc.)

Open Diamond Bins:

Store various quantities of bottles depending on size of bins openings or size of bottles

Single Bottle Diamonds:

Store one 750ml bottle in each diamond opening

X Bins:

Large X bins will hold various bottles in 4 sections.  X Bins need to be designed as a square bin size. 

Horizontal Bins:

1. Designed to store bottles horizontally in the racking to display the bottle.  Bins can be made to fit all sizes of bottles.
2.  Great way to store large format bottles in a single deep rack

Display Angle Individual Bottle Options:

1.  Bottles stored at a 15 degree angle so the bottle can be seen, with the cork still wet.  Too steep of angle will separate the wine from the cork and the cork will dry out
2.  High Reveal Display Angle:  Used 3 rows of individual bottle racking (most common)
3.  Open Display Angle:  We cut the uprights out of some of the display openings so the bottles are more visible. 
4.  Display Angle can also include LED lighting as an option.  The LED lighting is designed to just light up that row.  It is very attractive décor feature.

Curved Corner Options:

1.  Curved corners are always made with either single or double deep individual bottle racking.
2.  Rhino makes 1 column up to 6 column curve corners.  Normally the number of columns is determined by the CAD designer as to what fits the space.
3.  Curved Corner racking can include a display angle option

End Caps:

1.  Quarter round shelves
2.  Solid raised panel ends

Arch Openings:

1.  Picture opening- no arch. Often used to hang a painting within the racking system
2.  Arch Fascia- Picture opening with a arch fascia piece on top
3.  1 x 2 arch:  Full solid arch made with 1 x 2 material
4.  1 x 1 arch:  Full arch made with 1 x 1 material with open space between the 1 x 1’s
5.  1 x 12 arch: Full solid arch make with 1 x 12 material bend to fit the arch.


1. Side to side loading
2. Front loading

Humidor (cigar) inserts:

1.    Humidor inserts that are made with glass doors and inside make of Spanish Cedar
2.    Humidrawer:  A drawer in a cabinet that is converted to cigar storage. 


1.  Single deep drawings to insert into single deep racking
2.  Double deep drawers to insert into double deep racking


1.  Tabletop By others can be anything the client wants. Most common is tile, granite or marble.
2.  Rhino offers many types of top surfaces: veneer wood, cork, reclaimed wine barrel tops.

Waterfall Racking:

1.  Most cases double deep racking that is coming out from the center of a room. The racking stair cases one or more rows at a time downward. Normally ending with a tabletop at the end.
2.  Another option for waterfall racking is for sloped ceiling or under staircases in a small cellar space. 

Cabinet Doors:

1.  Often designed below an arch with a single or double door.
2.  Common to have doors on both sides of the arch for stemware or decanters.
3.  Rhino makes doors with solid raised panel, glass, and 4 types of steel mesh
4.  Doors include hidden European hinges.
5.  Rhino also offers wine lockers with locking doors.

Wood Paneling:

We offer 1 x 4 wood paneling in all the same wood types that can be applied to the walls and/or ceiling.

Rolling Ladders:

In racking systems that are in tall ceilings we have a rolling ladder option.  We use a hock and ladder system.  There are tracks place on all flat walls of the cellar.  Only one ladder is used. The ladder is easily moved from wall to wall and placed on the tracks.

Full Cabinet Features:

We can make any cabinet section to be intergraded into the racking system.   Often the cabinet section has a center arch with two glass doors on the side. These upper side cabinets have adjustable glass shelves.  The lower section has three drawers and three cabinet doors in solid raised panel or steel mesh.   The lower cabinets have adjustable shelves.

Base and Crown Trim:

1.  Standard Base and Crown is 2 ¼”
2.  Upgraded Base and Crown is 5”++
3.  We also offer custom patterns or taller profiles
4. Sometimes the racking can be raised off the floor on a base platform, similar to kitchen cabinets.

Wine Cellar Entrance Doors:

1.  Rhino has wine cellar doors that are solid wood, solid wood with glass inserts, and doors with hand carved grape clusters.  Call us for a custom quote.
2.  Rhino can custom make any door our clients want.
3.  Double doors are also a popular option
4.  Matching windows with the door style is an optio


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