Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Self Contained Systems

(Through the Wall Systems)

Self Contained wine cooling units are the most inexpensive and easiest to install. They are intended to mount between the studs of an existing wall, and they do not require a licensed HVAC/R installation technician. Cool air blows from one end of the wine cooling units, and the other end absorbs heat from the cellar and exhausts the heat into an area adjacent to the wine cellars. Self-contained wine cellar cooling units will make more noise than a split or ducted system.

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Cooling systems by CellarCool make certain the air is cooled slowly, to achieve the optimal results. The unit cycles down the temperature while maintaining humidity between 50% and 70% in a properly prepared wine cellar.​​ CellarCool cooling systems are tested to ensure consistent quality performance. The cooling systems are designed to be installed through-the-wall between standard wall studs without the need for a shelf to support the unit. 

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  • Wine Cellar Cooling from 265 to 2000 cubic feet
  • Factory tested for quality
  • Designed for through the wall installation